Customer Service and Business Essay

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UNIT 2 – Business Organisation

UNIT TUTOR: Mr Mitchell



Task 1 (p1)

What is an aim?

An aim is a long term goal. Most aims are written in a none specific language.
An example of an aim is, for my business to survive for more than one year.

What is an objective?
An objective is the obstacles to over come the reach your aims. An objective has to be specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and time related. An example of an objective is, to go to business interventions in order to get B+ by the end of year 10.

Aims and objectives would differ between different types of organisations. For example: the NHS is a public organisation and their aims and objective would be focusing about keeping people healthy, reducing illnesses etc.
A private sector business such as Nike is a private business and their aims and objective would be making there products better so more people can buy them and they can make more profit for their shareholders.

Task 2 (p2)

You have done well but the report is not yet quite finished. Continue the report to include sections explaining why business organisations set aims and objectives. Use an example business for each point of business focus. These should include four of the following:

• Survival is when a business tries to survive for example in there first year. If they are not able to survive the first year, their business might to succeed. if a business is facing difficulties then there aims and objectives would be to survive until the situation is over.

• Break-even is when you don’t make profit or loss. When a business aims not to make any profit or loss. it can mean to make enough money to cover the total costs involved in producing and selling the goods or services and the running of the business.

• Customer service is providing everyone who is in need of your service. Good customer service can provide and experience for the business to meet their expectation. a business such as subway would set there aim and objective about customer services to get more customers.

• Sales are the exchange of a product for money. It can be a large amount of products or a small amount sold. the aim of and sales department such as Hugo boss is to go get customers to increase their