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Homework – Strong Opinions

An opinion defined is a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. Opinions based on Facebook and other social networking sites are mixed due to the users needs. In most cases, which I will discover, have led to negative consequences and in my opinion I think it should stop. Would you want to be in a situation with your life in the palm of your hands?
The 21st century more than half the young generation access the internet daily or use social networking sites in many different ways. A user on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter could be targeted by a paedophile surfing the internet randomly. This could cause many consequences resulting in the user engaging with the person behind the screen suggesting they are certain type of person in fact they are just manipulating the law. This is a major disadvantage when going onto Twitter or Facebook endangering a young persons life and I think the’s sites should look in the mirror and ask themselves if they are doing enough to protect young users across the globe.
Moving on, using these social networking sites may cause massive implacations for your future even if you don’t know it. So, if you were to apply for a job the employer would try search for you in a social networking site to try gain access to your profile. The employer may learn additional content not specified in the CV. This could cause the business terminating your job offer and they may not be willing to give you a second chance. Your carbon footprint is online you can be seen anywhere on the internet so don’t you think banning these social networking sites would enhance peoples chances of getting their dream job?
Next, as you know almost all the population have access to the internet or social networking sites and it is then more likely the user will use text in a informal way resulting in a limited concept of development and expression. This could effect the persons daily routine and could contribute to negative habits while either at school, at home or even at work. I know you may argue that people tend to only use slang while on the internet to their friends but that may have a negative influence on the way they talk or write in life circumstances and I feel the government should act now and take this seriously as we could be saving many vulnerable people who have fallen into the trap.
Another way in which social networking sites have influenced peoples lives in negative ways is that would promote organized crime or terror threats which would destabilize the government. If serious cases were to be found it could harm the public and would put innocent peoples lives in