Dance In The 1940s

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The 1940s was an era full of important historical events resulting in an epoch of war, fear, economic recovery, and geopolitical tension. The 1940s was perhaps the most important decade due to its historical impact on society. Many different styles of music and dance arose during this decade as well as many popular movies and books. Events like the Holocaust, World War II, and the Cold War helped construct the America that we know today.
The ‘40s contributed to new styles of music, including: Jazz, Big Band, and Swing. Jazz was a form of music in the early 20th century that originated from African-American descent. It was often characterized by improvised, syncopated, and usually regular or forced rhythms. The saxophone, trumpet, trombone,
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Popular sports in the ‘40s included baseball, basketball, boxing, and car racing. Many sporting events were televised for the public to view due to the rise in television use. Athletes like boxer Joe Louis and baseball player Joe DiMaggio became idols for their influence in American sports.
During this time period, fashion took its hold on America’s culture. 1940s fashion was all about the hourglass figure with broad shoulders, tiny waists, and full hips. Women generally wore dresses or suits that came to the knees and formed a certain silhouette. This style felt comfortable, yet it appeared very ornate and fashionable. Men generally wore ¨Zoot Suits.” Zoot suits consisted of broad flat hats, long drape coats, and high waisted legged trousers with tight fitting pegged cuffs.
Mountain Dew, invented in 1940, instantly became a marketable beverage that Americans adopted as their own. Cocktails like ¨Gin Rickey¨ and ¨Punch Romaine¨ were also very trendy throughout this decade. Foods like cream of asparagus, filet of flounder, and creamed cabbage were the most common meals in the 40s that families often sat down to
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Patriotism and nationalism spread to every corner of America during World War II. Families planted ¨Victory Gardens¨ and advertised war posters to support the war effort. This was a time that Americans truly devoted their attention and loyalty to the soldiers fighting overseas. During WWII, the Allies (the U.S., Great Britain, USSR, and France) fought against the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan.). WWII caused the unemployment rate to go down due to the need of mass production. The Holocaust was an event that took place in the early ‘40s that affected the entire world. The Holocaust was a mass genocide of certain people groups like Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and etc. by the Nazis. Throughout the war, many organizations including: NATO, the NIAC, and the U.N. formed together to prevent futures world