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Questions on Assignment one

1. Define the following terms: * Information Technology * Data Processing * Information Systems

Information Technology (IT) is the systematic treatment of information. It concerns the collection, storage, processing, dissemination and use of information.
Data Processing is the automatic performance of operations on data that is, using the data in some way to produce meaningful information.
An Information Systems is an entity consisting of any combination of people, computers, machines and working procedures, which produce and handle information.

2. Explain the difference between data and information.

Data and information are different because data is the basic facts and figures that are insignificant and meaningless in their existing form because they have not been processed and Information is outcome of processing data like putting the data in to order or doing calculations. Once the data has been processed into purposeful information it can be used for decision making. Basically once data is processed it becomes information but before it’s been processed it is unimportant and aimless.

3. Describe in detail, why a computer is useful.

A computer is extremely useful in modern day life it can complete a huge range of tasks from personal to business. Unlike a human a computer is