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1. Provides an appropriate, explicitly stated thesis that directly addresses all parts of the question. Thesis must not simply restate the question.
The thesis must address at least two factors with some degree of specificity (beyond general categories) that relate to the prompt. The thesis must suggest a minimal level of analysis drawn from the context of the documents.
2. Discusses a majority of the documents individually and specifically.
The student must use more than half of the documents — even if used incorrectly — by reference to anything in the box. To get credit for this point, documents cannot be referenced collectively (e.g., “Documents 2, 3 and 6 suggest”) unless the student goes on to discuss them individually.
3. Demonstrates understanding of the basic meaning of a majority of the documents (may misinterpret no more than one).
The student must use a majority of the documents correctly and may not significantly misinterpret more than one document. A major misinterpretation is an incorrect analysis or one that leads to an inaccurate grouping or a false conclusion. The student cannot earn this point if credit was not awarded for point 2 (discusses a majority of the documents).
4. Supports the thesis with appropriate interpretations of a majority of the documents.
The student must use a majority of his documents correctly, and the documents used in the body Evaluating the reliability of the source:
 “The resolution from the German Social Democratic Party Congress is probably a biased source since as socialists they would naturally condemn a capitalist agenda (doc. 9).”
 “Merlin is a governor general of a colony so his pro-imperialist point of view is not surprising since his job was dependent upon the success of French imperialism.”
 Recognizing that different kinds of documents serve different purposes:
 “Since Benjamin Disraeli was delivering a speech to the House of Commons, he probably chose his words carefully to persuade members to support his political agenda (doc. 2).”
 “Lord Rosebery was writing a letter to a newspaper, which was clearly a public forum; therefore, this document could