Definition Essay On Being Brave

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Some dictionaries define bravery as “brave spirit or conduct; courage; valor”("Bravery"). Although I consider this correct, I also think we can improve upon that definition. I believe that bravery is being able to do what you want, even if nobody else is doing it. Bravery is also being able to step out of your comfort zone. In our society, it can be difficult to do those two things, so to me anybody that can do perform those two acts are brave. And I think that many people are also able to recognize those acts as brave.
People believe that being brave and being audacious are the same thing. But being audacious takes bravery to another level, a reckless level. Audacious people are fearless and don’t back down from anything. If you’re brave you are pretty fearless too, in fact brave people can even look fear in the face and start laughing. But they have a sense of when
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At age 17 she became the youngest person in the world to win a Nobel peace prize (“Malala Yousafzai”). Previous to winning the Nobel peace prize she was still an advocate for education, because of this the Taliban ended up shooting her in the head and neck. “On October 9, 2012, the 15-year-old Yousafzai was riding home on the school bus with other girls from her local school in the Swat Valley. Gunmen stopped the vehicle, boarding and demanding to know which girl was Yousafzai.”(“Malala Yousafzai”). Once they figured out which was Yousafzai they stood her up and shot her. The bullet hit her in the head and became lodged in her neck. During this two other girls ended up getting less severely injured. She was transported to surgery after this. She made it through surgery and ended up getting transferred to England. When she was finished getting operations she ended finishing high school and hopes to attend Oxford(“Malala Yousafzai”). It took an immense amount of bravery to get through this and continue her