Describe The Life Of An Irish Immigrant In The Mid-19th Century

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Final Exam Study Guide

Test Date: April 30, 2013 @ 9:00am. The door will be locked at 9:00am.

Test will contain questions covering all lectures, articles and the textbook (chapters 1-16)

Part I: Multiple Choice (10 questions at 4 points each)

The following is a list of terms that will be found Part I of the exam. Bolded terms refer to questions taken primarily from the textbook:

War of 1812 Louisiana Purchase

John Brown The Constitution

The Eaton Affair Gettysburg

Emancipation Proclamation New York Draft Riots

Dred Scott Nativism

The Transcendentalists The Mexican American War

Article 1 Article 2

Part II: Discussion Question- 2 of the following will be on your test. You will answer both (1 page each/ 250 words) (30 points each)

1. Describe the life of an Irish immigrant in the mid-19th century. What were the push/pull factors for these Irish men and women (i.e. why did they leave their homeland and