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When I visited Florida, I went to Bush Gardens and my favorite ride was the Cheetah Run. This was the first roller coaster we went on and because of that it was the most thrilling and scariest experience of the day. The anticipation and the rush I got was amazing, but getting there was harder than I thought. Driving to Bush Gardens was an anticipating nightmare; the inner conflict inside my brain was louder than the conversation going on in the car. I was a nervous wreck telling myself I was going to ride all the roller coasters without fail. Chanting in my head "Don't back out, don't back out please!" numerous times in my head knowing I was going to hate myself if I did. Then like a challenge ready to be taken on there it was Bush Gardens and all its scary and thrilling self-right in front me. At the end of October and in the middle of the week, Bush Gardens was almost devoid of people, making it easy to navigate my way through the labyrinth of barriers intended to keep the line orderly. The closer I get, the more and more nervous and excited I become and at the same time knowing that I am almost there. We finally get to the end of the line people, just a few feet from boarding. I hear the screams of the people over head as they go through the ride themselves making goose bumps appear on my arms. Then it becomes our turn just after couple rounds of people getting on and off the ride, I am standing there ready to run but I keep my head and board The Cheetah Run. In the front car the ride attendant checks our restraints, then moves on to the other thrill seekers. I clench the shoulders restraints, white knuckled, screaming in my head what am I doing! The ride attendant comes back to the front and goes behind the podium that controls the ride. I feel like I am sweating