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Kimberly Dysinger
English 103
September 24, 2013

The Season of Soccer

Soccer season is my all-time, ultimate favorite sport season and sport itself because of the loving family-like relationships that are made, the practice atmosphere you feel through the changing of the seasons, and most importantly the aspiration in self-confidence you receive through self-sacrifice, your fans and your team family.
The friendships and relationships that are made throughout the season are an unbreakable bond that will flourish as the years go on. The kind of bonds that are made within the soccer team is truly inspiring to all which makes the team look admirable consisting of well-rounded women that can be looked upon as role models. During the season, the team becomes astonishingly close that the connections made are so trustworthy that all the players’ most secretive thoughts can be expelled out of their mind. Doing so, that individual will feel more comfortable and open with the team to ensure an enjoyable soccer season. With the bonds and secrets shared with the all the players, sister-like relationships are made that tie all together to make one big family creating uplifting spirits of being wanted on a team no matter who you are. The practice atmosphere is so incredibly mesmerizing by the changing of the season from the hot, sticky summer to a cool breeze that swishes through the long pony tails of players, the leaves falling onto the freshly white dusted lines of the flawless green fields, below the autumn burst sky of the falling afternoon. During practice your throat becomes dry from the cool crisp air of autumn as the wind whirls the fallen leaves into a spiral tornado at the bottom of your mud-covered, grass stained cleats. The memory targeting aroma of the fresh cut grass and the odor of paint that is carefully decorated of white blinding and royal blue lines measured onto the field so delicately is an incredible experience you are unwilling to forget. Although with these amazing senses of smell of the grass and feel of the chill air, the sense of dedication to the sport is felt through the agony of achiness and tenderness of muscles after a perspiring sweat dripping practice that prescribes for a night of soaking in a cringing ice bath that soothes the muscles for another misery filled, yet skillful practice, in which to better yourself. These are the practices that will never be forgotten. The self-confidence you build during the progression of the season is the structure that you will