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Why I love the Beach Is there some place that you always go to kick back and relax? Well in my opinion it’s the beach, not for just the scene but for numerous reasons. There are so many traits and characteristics about the beach that make it such a calming, surreal place to be. It helps remind us why we adore the summer and really make us happy. John F. Kennedy once said” We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came…” One of the first things you might see at the beach is the white sands that almost seem to shimmer when the sun beams on it, almost like you’re right at the sun. You feel the warm sand touch your feet just somehow the perfect temperature, like the cookies your mom bake. The smell of the crisp, fresh but salty ocean air which makes you so happy you’re not inside the city right now. If you listen, you can hear the ocean clashing against the sand like an endless beautiful symphonic battle between two great musicians. Then you hear the children full of excitement and joy, splashing and playing in the great big ocean waters. The cool ocean breeze, brushing against your body, which seems to just unwind you no matter how stressed or tense you are. You feel the warm, glowing sun on your skin that makes you happy it isn’t any other season but summer. You feel as the beach could simply read your mind and put everything in it to ease. Disrupting the moment, you hear the seagulls squawking as loud as a car’s honk, looking for their next meal, ruining the almost