Essay On Why College Athletes Shouldn T Be Paid

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Why College Athletes Shouldn’t be Paid Imagine receiving a college acceptance letter and seeing that they have decided to waive your entire tuition fee. Along with no tuition you also face no payments on housing, meal plans, and books! The catch is, you have to dribble a basketball, kick a soccer ball, or throw a football for a few months each school year. Wouldn’t this be the best opportunity for someone to receive? Wouldn’t this be enough? Apparently not since many college athletes and graduates believe they also deserve some kind of payment for the work that they due. The chief point in why college athletes shouldn’t be paid is that they already are. Tuition alone is very costly. The tuition fees for a four-year student to attend a private college are $28,500 and for public school students it is $12, 526. Those graduating from school face major debt from loans borrowed during school that will have to be paid over the next few years or maybe decades. This is not the issue for college athletes who are PAID every year through scholarships. They get their books for classes free that could cost in the thousands total for each semester. In addition, food and travel expenses are covered for when they eat in the cafeteria or stay in a hotel when on the road. These are basic necessities that regular college student struggle to pay every year. These necessities are covered for student-athletes who also receive many other benefits by playing a sport at a college or