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It was just the four of us riding in my dad's burgundy Silverado. My dad and little sister Kasey were in the front while, my best friend at the time, James and I were in the back. I was listening to my IPod when I noticed the palm trees, the bargain stores and all the surf shops. At that point I knew we were almost there. We took a left off the main road, went to the end of the street, and amongst all the houses stood the one we called ours. It was a white two story building, much like all the other houses on that street. In the driveway I noticed the red golf cart, the swing set, and the twenty or so steps we climbed every year. The steps lead to the bottom floor of the beach house. There were another twenty steps to the top floor once inside. Once we had all of our suitcases and belongings, we made the journey up the steps. I got the same feeling I had every year while walking up those steps, a rush of excitement. As we opened the door I felt the cold air from inside drift over me. The smell of oust air freshener filled my nose. I looked inside and to the left, saw the big T.V. and the matching light blue couch and recliners. To my right was the dining room table and the kitchen. I walked past the TV, the closet door on my left, and at the foot of the steps, there was my room. There were two beds, a dresser, and a closet. James and I threw our belongings on a bed and headed downstairs. I asked my dad the same question I asked every year, if we could take the golf cart out by ourselves. This year was the one he finally said yes. James and I immediately ran back upstairs, grabbed the golf cart keys, ran back downstairs, and to the golf cart. I hoped in the driver's seat and rode out of the driveway with James in the passenger seat. We were off to get into anything and everything. We drove and drove with the wind in our faces and the smell of saltwater in our noses. All of the streets looked the same, big houses on both sides of the street and the beach in the distance. It was getting dark and the air was getting cold. James and I decided to call it a night and head back to beach house, get some supper, and go to sleep. As we pulled back into the driveway the smell of something burning washed over me. My dad was cooking steaks on the grill for supper. Once they were finished the four of us were all sitting outside enjoying ourselves. With a cool breeze and the taste of steak in my mouth, I felt as if I were in heaven. It was now almost pitch black outside. Our only source of light was the street light beside the house. At about that time we decided to call it a night and head to bed. We walked upstairs and to our respective rooms. James and I laid down on our beds and exchanged grins. It was a silent acknowledgment to each other that this was going to be an exciting week. I woke up the next morning freezing. I got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom across from our room. I brushed my teeth and hoped in the hot shower. I walked to the kitchen and made a bowl of frosted flakes. Sugar and milk filled my nose as I walked to the dining room table. Once I finished my cereal My dad told us we were going to swim in the ocean. The four of us in our bathing suits and flip flops walked downstairs to the golf cart. We rode by three rows of houses and parked the golf cart near the pier. We stepped off and made our way up the wooden ramp that lead out to the beach. I could feel the hot sand in between my toes as I walked towards the water. We were all out in the water for hours with the sun beating on our backs and salt water drying our throats until we finally got out. The next few days played out like the first, with James and I riding around on the golf cart until dark, doing ridiculous things with the golf cart, playing in the ocean, and the occasional eating out at a restaurant. It was Friday morning, the last full day at the beach this year. My dad told me and James to go out