Essay Descriptive Narrative

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English 10100
October 9, 2014

Descriptive Narrative
My MacBook Pro

Writing technologies have been shaping the way people live throughout many generations. Our previous generations used different methods to organize important memories, keep track of new findings, and pass on their stories and discoveries to future generations. Their method of writing was very inefficient, as much effort was being put into carving and preserving a tablet or other writing device, while the end result contained little information compared to the size of the object. As technology has evolved, we have changed our ways of writing and have come up with faster, safer, and quicker efficient ways to communicate with one another. Living in the generation of information and technology development, my most notable experience with writing technologies comes from the use of my Macbook Pro by Apple. First, my Macbook Pro has shaped how i live my life for the better. I believe that attending college is a time of meeting new people and trying new things, where the range of one's participation in various activities is more important than becoming deeply involved in any single one. Throughout my freshman year, I will have taken the chance to travel and try many new things. More specifically, I will participate in a three to six month internship / shadowing program in order to learn more about different career choices. During temporary relocations such as vacations or local trips, my laptop has always accompanied me and provided great mobility to wherever my destination or relaxation my be. In the most practical sense, through the use of the Mail app and Safari, my Macbook Pro helped me communicate with friends and classmates during the day. Beyond that, though, I believe the convenience of relocation that is implied in laptop ownership has vastly broadened my world views and has allowed me to become more independent as a young adult. It has exposed me to different cultures across the world by seeing their news. I can now effectively record and share my thoughts as well as work with others thanks to my Macbook Pro. Secondly, Other than being an essential travel companion, my laptop has also become an integral part of my life while at PNC. For instance, I use it to manage fund