Diary Of Anne Frank Essay

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Dear United States Holocaust Memorial Museum,
I would like to bring to your attention the importance of remembering Anne Frank in your museum. Her and her family all played extremely famous and important parts in the holocaust and finding out what happened to Jewish citizens before they were captured/ taken. I would like to take a moment to appreciate Anne’s diary that was the first documented evidence of someone being in hiding during great conflict.
Anne let everyone see into the life of a teenager in great distress. She was often very upset or anxious, but used her journal as a way of channeling out her feelings and trying to stay as positive and calm as possible. Before Anne’s diary, the feelings of true terror and anxiety of having to stay hidden from the public for an unknown amount of time were never publicized and most people could only imagine what it must have felt like for those thousands of Jew’s. The feeling of being trapped in five
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It was truly a tragedy that she died so young, when she could have pursued a writing career that would truly become very well known and famous. When her diary was published by her father Otto Frank, many were skeptical about reading journal entries written by a young girl when she was between the ages of 13-15 years old. Her writing developed flawlessly over the two years she was in hiding and with all the time she had to engage in this pastime, I can imagine she became extremely skilled in the art of storytelling and writing in general. Around that time period writing wasn’t a very common pastime for young girls, unless they were schooling. It is truly a miracle that she engaged in this activity and that her father published her diary. For if he had not, her true potential and talent would never have been revealed and she would be known as one amongst the many Jewish children who had died during the