Diary Of Anne Frank Essay

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Anne Frank, living with her parents Otto Frank and Edith Frank, was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929. In 1933, their family moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands because Adolf Hitler Nazi Party came to power and was against Jewish religion. During World War II, both Anne and her family went into hiding for two years. In 1994, Anne and her family were discovered and transported to different concentration camps. After 7 months in March 1945, Anne died of typhus, only just before the liberation day. In the 2 year hiding time, Anne Frank documented her day-to-day experiences and wishes in which was called “The Diary of Anne Frank.” This diary was translated into 70 different languages and even made into a movie.
The Diary of Anne Frank was a gift from her father
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Anne transformed the way we look at free speech and freedom of religion today by giving us an insight into her world. She showed the world that what Hitler’s Nationalist Party did can never happen again and that the world should not blame a certain group of people for their race, religion or nationality. Anne lived in a small 25 square feet room for over 2 and a half years, not allowed to move make a sound between 8am and 6pm in fear of being detected, but her diary is full of optimism. She inspires people all over the world to fight for their hopes and dreams and to never give up. Anne Frank, the girl who lost so much that it would drive any of us crazy, still thought that deep down, humankind is still good at heart. It’s that positive view, that symbolic power that inspired the world to create a better future. She has served as a mentor to all of us, and no single life is untouched by what she