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Digital Media Communications
Digital media communication is increasing with time; nowadays you can find all kind of technology that helps us communicate so much easier. For instance, one of the most important tools for me is Synchronous Video Online Communication. Synchronous Video Online communication involves applications like Skype, Face Time and live broadcast. Applications like these have brought different cultures closer together and created another way to communicate with each other. Therefore, we are able to stay in contact with one another and see one another although we are far apart. It is constantly shaping our world and the way we communicate with time, and enabling us to understand all the diversity in the world from people, language, culture, and religion.
Today, multinational companies use video online communications to do their business or keep in touch with all their companies around the world. These digital media communications help them save lots of time and money. Imagine a company in United States that wants to export their products to Australia, and they don’t have any digital communication. The only thing they can really do is send a person who represents the company to Australia, and they stay there for a few days in order to make the necessary processes that need to be done and talk with whoever is in charge. The company ends up spending a lot of valuable time and money they could because they have to pay the employee they sent to Australia. My mom works in unilever, this is a multinational company and she is in charge of talking with all the countries in South America about their incomes and the sale revenues of that company. She told me that they are constantly doing video online communication because they need to update information about what is happening in every country. However, sometimes she has to travel but if she does, it´s because the job is very important and they really need her presence. Our economy is growing every day because of the progress that our digital communication has had over the years because we are able to keep in contact with whoever we want without spending money.
Entertainment has been in our culture a long time ego. The purpose of entertainment is holding the attention or interest of an audience. People’s attention is held by different things, because people prefer different types of entertainment like documental, drama, comedy, music shows or news. However in the past people chose to entertain very different compared to today. They entertained with plays, music shows and even clowns. It depended on what the people wanted to watch. Nowadays, our way of entertaining people has changed because there is a lot of technology. Now we use TV or our computer to see our favorite TV shows and we can watch