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The Digital Media Industry has various components including, print, web, video, project planning, graphic design, and photography. Of all of these various components, the one that has progressed the most has been the printing industry. What started as a line of people assigned a certain part to write down by hand to a printer now being available in many homes. Before printing was readily available as it is now, books and newspapers were not very common. If it wasn’t for the inventor Johannes Gutenberg, we probably wouldn’t have books and newspaper like we do now. Gutenberg is the inventor of the printing press, he invented it in 1440. With the creation of the printing press books, newspapers and bibles were mass produced in a faster and more efficient way.
Now with today’s home computer printers, people are able to print at home. It is something that a lot of people take for granted, but if you stop and really think about it, the printing industry is in just about everything you come in contact with. Every label, picture, book, billboard, movie cover, if you can physically see it on paper, then it had to have been printed.
Technology in printing continues to evolve. It started off as ink, it evolved to laser printing and now there is even 3D printing. There are many different formats to print. They can range from small things like labels or boxes for food, to a photographers photography all the way to a large billboard, but you have to take into consideration that printing at home and printing on a professional level are two different things. At home you usually are just printing a paper, or a picture, something simple. Most likely you don’t worry about the quality of the paper, the type of paper or the quality of the image you are printing, but when you print on a professional level it is quite the opposite, you have to consider all those things. You must think about what kind of paper you have use, what size paper you have use, how large the final product is going to be, and definitely the quality of the image or document. Photographers also have all those things to worry about, they have to make sure that the image they envisioned in their mind is able to be reproduced on paper.
The newest form of printing to be introduced has been 3D printing. 3D printing has brought up much controversy because some of the things that can be