Disadvantages Of Year-Round Schooling

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Many countries around the world don't have year round schooling while some do but don't offer it to many of their students. Places like Japan do have year round schooling and their students do significantly well while countries like the the united states not so much. Students attending all year round school is something all schools in the United States should adapt to.

The advantages of year round schooling are both educational and financial. Educational wise, all year round schooling allows students to learn more and review less since students are in school year round and instead of having long summer breaks, year round schooling has short smaller breaks throughout the year. Because of this students are less likely to forget what they learned during their last session so teacher don’t have to waste so much time reviewing what they taught. Year round school also allows extra sessions of remedial and enrichment classes to select students who need it. Financial wise, all year round schooling can have multi-track courses which cuts costs for the school. Small school
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Some people (mostly parents) are against this because of their family structure and schedules. The article by Matthew Lynch called the “The disadvantages of year round schools says that “parents find it difficult to schedule vacations and family reunions…” It also states that “year round schools… can be disruptive to scheduled families with varying workplaces and schools.” An example of this a teacher who works at an all year round school and has children who are attending traditional schools they may have difficulty when it comes to planning vacations or spending quality time with their children because of the conflicting schedules. But studies have shown after traditional schools implemented all year round schooling parents and teacher found it not hard to deal with the schedule changes as anticipated before the implementation of the all year round