Discrimination In Health And Social Care Essay

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Discrimination- Discrimination is when you treat a person or a group of people unfairly or differently from other persons/groups of people. The is done by, avoidance and not sitting next to someone, verbal abuse by using language that puts the other person down/low and physical abuse e.g. assaulting a person and abandoning and ignoring a person’s needs. Discriminatory practise is treating an individual or a certain group of people differently according to their age, colour, culture, disability, ethnic, gender, medical conditions, appearance religion and so on. For example, one-way discriminatory practise may be presented is by stereotyping: not having a negative view on someone, for example not making assumptions on the appearance or assuming something …show more content…
For example, very often, people with difficulties may be refused for jobs or promotion because they are being judged on what they see, or make assumptions. This affects equality of opportunity because of negative attitudes based on stereotypes.
In health and social care, you will work with and support people with various disabilities. The disability discrimination act (DDA) makes it unlawful to discriminate against someone who has a disability. The act covers employment, access to good facilities and services of organisations, education, buying and renting a property and transport services. There has to be full accessibility for anyone with a disability. The organisation you work for will be required by law to have a policy in place regarding disability.
Health workers can discriminate against people on the ability of an individual this includes; accessing services and when hiring staff, People with disabilities are still viewed today as different and experience discrimination in all aspects of their lives. This can even happen before they are born-certain genetic conditions are known and termination of pregnancy is strongly