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Discussion Post: Effective Leader (graded)

List 3 characteristics of effective leaders. Explain why you chose these characteristics. Provide an e.g., of an effective leader & show how they demonstrate these characteristics.

It is apparent that leadership is a rather difficult term to precisely define. Leadership is a very complex phenomenon, yet it is highly valued. Characteristics I believe to contribute to the success of a leader are:

1. Composed and steadfast to the main purpose. Emotions, crises and storms eventually subside, and good leaders remain composed when faced with controversy and accepts it as part of the journey.

2. Have exceptional charisma (the ability to influence). Charismatic leaders have the ability to inspire and influence almost anyone. These sorts of leaders typically possess optimism, positivity and passion. Their ability to influence gives them power; this power however should be used not as an entity that leaders use over others to achieve their own ends, rather, used to promote both the leaders and the followers goals.

3. Immense self belief. As a leader, you need to have to believe in your own ability to succeed in order to inspire the same belief to their followers. Through expressing that belief in yourself publically, you in turn help your followers believe in you as well.

These characteristics can be applied to Alexander the Great, a man who conquered much of the world during his time. Alexander, from a very young age believed he was destined to conquer the Persian Empire. It is his belief and ambition that…