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Don't Take Away Technology, Make It Safer

Throughout the years, the number of deaths caused by car accidents have risen because of distracted driving. Law enforcement has become stricter when it comes to driving in town and on highways. There are always cop cars parked in hidden areas seeking for distracted and drunk drivers. Debates and new ideas are being made to figure out how to control or prevent reckless driving and car accidents. The leading cause in distracted driving is the use of cellphones and electronics installed in car dashboards. NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) believes that in order to prevent accidents from happening, the government must ban all hand held electronics when driving in vehicles. The only issue is with that is people always find a way around restrictions. No matter what, cellphones and other technology will be used when driving. Instead of banning all electronics, why not figure out a way to make the use of technology safer while driving?
New cars are now heavily loaded with new technology. Now days, when looking into a new vehicle, usually what is seen in dashboards are now touch screens and TV's. Some cars are even equipped with refrigerators. There are so many ways a person could be distracted while driving because of the advancements in cars and peoples addiction to their cellphones. Of course, the first key idea to taking away all the trouble that electronics cause when it comes to driving is to somehow take it away. There are now fines for being on cellphones while driving. The ticket for being on a cellphone while driving depends on a persons age and how many people are in the car. Certainly, it is agreeable that something should be done but instead of banning all technology while driving, there should be some sort of device put into cars that can help drivers be more aware of their surroundings.
According to NHTSA, in 2009, 5,474 people were involved in fatal car accidents caused by distracted driving. Since technology seems to be a growing part of peoples daily lives, the government should design a device that can be built into the dashboard of cars that will alert people of what's going on around them. This device would warn people of stops signs that would be showing up ahead of them or of reckless cars that are around them that can help avoid the driver from being around them. If the driver is not driving in the right lane, the car will tell them to go into the other lane. This can potentially help save million of lives each year by helping people be more alert by warning them of the dangers around them and helping them make the next move. There are already similar systems like this that are already hooked up into cars, but not as advanced and don't include a warning simulation to alert the driver. This device will be a second pair of eyes for people, so that they can still somewhat use their devices more