Human Nature Essay

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Our human nature and species can sometimes seem difficult to fully understand, but the way I see it we are just animals with the ability to reason. Because of this we self-rationalize, making what can sometimes seem wrong right in our own minds. Horrible things throughout the course of human history have occurred because of this, for example the Holocaust for which Hitler thought he was doing the world a favor by exterminating the Jews. The concept of good and evil however does not apply to humans; because we are just animals, the things we do on a regular basis that may seem like normal habits actually have very primal origins, like a disease we cannot shake. “Love” Isn’t actually what we think it is, Humans were never meant to stay faithful to one partner, and when put into a survival situation anyone can kill. These things can easily be explained through science and the analysis of humans as a whole. Peace is a word we often say, but it just can’t exist as long as we are human.

As Humans, our main goal as a whole is simply to survive and thrive, which would be the basic goal of any and all species anyway. But what makes us different? What makes us so different from basic apes? The answer, through scientific conclusions is that the brain of a Human is just as different as it is similar to that of an ape’s. It goes ape, missing link, Neanderthal, Humans. The thing is that the missing link still has not been fully understood. Most scientists say there’s no way a Human brain with all of it’s marvels and mystery could have come from the brain of an ape without the help of a missing link. If you were to place the Adam and Eve theory right here, it would make sense. But if you want to think of things more logically, you can take into account the idea of Adam and Eve being “made”. The Garden of Eden may not have been a garden but perhaps a laboratory in which the missing link was genetically modified by something else in turn giving birth to the Human brain. But of course this could be totally bogus as well, just as bogus as the Adam and Eve idea. But that doesn’t mean one should dispel the idea of the existence of extraterrestrials. One would need to be truly ignorant to deny the existence of other forms of life, whether they be intelligent or not, inside the Universe.

People seem to want to give mankind some sort of special credit it doesn’t deserve. To give you an idea of how insignificant we are in comparison to the Universe, visualize the next few sentences as best you can. We are animals, on planet Earth, the third planet from the “Sun”. We revolve the “Sun” along with thirteen other major interplanetary objects/systems, each millions and millions away from each other. Our “Sun” is part of a Solar Interstellar Neighborhood consisting of millions of stars and constellations such as Altair, Epsilon Eridani, Alpha Centauri, and Pollux. All of these stars and constellations, including the ones closest to our “Sun” are still many light years away, meaning it would take something travelling at the speed of light (the fastest known speed in which anything can travel) years to reach.

The Solar Interstellar Neighborhood is smaller than about one-fourth the period at the end of this sentence if the Milky Way Galaxy in its entirety were visible within this page, with other period, half period, and one-fourth period sized specks filling the rest of the page. If you were to zoom out even further, you’d find the entire Milky Way galaxy the size of the word “HOP” if this page were the Local Galactic Group. Other systems and Galaxies would be in the surrounding area similar in size to “HOP” yet varying but ultimately staying more or less the size of “HOP”. Zoom out even further to find yourself looking at the Virgo Super cluster, if this page became the Virgo Super cluster, you’d find