DoDo Birds Essay

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A loud beeping noise wakes me up at 7:45 A.M. I am under the blankets in my bed, while the air conditioner is blasting cool air. The shades are down on my windows, trying to block any light, but the sun is so bright, the shades are barely helping. I get out of my bed to shut my air conditioner off, and get ready for my day at Lackawanna College. As I head down to the kitchen, I smell the fresh coffee brewing and the bagels toasting. I grab a drink of water and feel it go down my throat to quench my thirst. As I am about to leave my house to go to school, I notice the morning dew on the grass, the sun shining, and birds chirping, looking for food. I start to drive, and there seems to be more traffic on the road then usual. I see people drinking their coffees, talking on their cell phones, and driving at a fast speed, as if they were racing the other cars. As I drive into Scranton, I notice the traffic is busier than before. There are fire sirens blaring, and many cars are stopped. It is that time where everyone is trying to get to school and work, and a parking spot where they don’t have to pay a meter. I try to find a parking spot as well, which leaves me no luck. I am stuck parking at a meter across from the school. I put three dollars worth of quarters in the meter, and head into Angeli Hall. As I walk in the front entrance, I see many people walking in with their books and utensils, ready to start the first day. The security guard in the front also greets me. I head