Research Paper On Social Work

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In my country, Venezuela, in order to graduate from high school, we have to complete an amount of hours doing social work, in my case I’ve had to accomplish eighty hours. My school provided me a list of places where I could go to complete my community work. I decided from all the schools and organizations my school gave me to choose from, that I wanted to work on a school named “INVEDIN”.
This is a school for children who have disabilities such as Down syndrome, Autism, Asperger, and many other syndromes that make them a little different from us. This organization gives these kids opportunities that no other organization would give them. Thanks to this school, people with disabilities can not only feel included to the programs of the daily life, but to be included to the life that a person without this incapacities have.
This was certainly a life changing experience for me, because I had the opportunity to help those children by teaching them several things such as coloring, counting, cutting, and drawing. I had the chance to be with them three hours, where I had to come up with creative ideas and educational activities to entertain and teach them all the things that I though would be helpful for them, also I had to find methods to make myself understood by them. At the end of the year I had the pleasure of preparing a little Christmas party to the kids, where each of them received a gift from “Santa”; and as entertaining my school’s music program played some live songs for them.
This experience made me realized that people with these genetic problems are actually very intelligent, and sometimes they are