Education Essay example

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Education is the key to success and to me it is very important. I have always put my education before other activities. By doing so, it has made me an excelling honor student. Having an education can open many doors and opportunities in life that can help me reach my goals. After I graduate from high school I want to begin my road to success by continuing my education. By doing this, I can help my community by setting an example for those who look up to me. Many people do not value a good education and believe that after they receive a high school diploma, it’s the end. To me it is only the first milestone of many more to come. I cannot just stop there. I have to keep going because I want more from myself in life and a good education will get me there. It will not be easy and that challenge I am prepared to accept. The way the world is developing today, I think that everyone should recognize the importance of education. Life is revolving around technology and to know technology is to have a good education beyond a high school diploma. Education can help me help others and change their outlook on life. Those who look up to me can see me valuing my education and want to do it also. This is also a way I can help my community. People in it can see what good of an impact an education has on my life and want it too. Kids in communities need something positive to look up to. Someone who values their education can set a good example for the community. I can also give back to the