Drama Is The Most Creative And Exciting Passion For Academically And Education

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Drama, I believe, is the most creative and exciting subject I have ever done and has made a huge impact on me academically and socially. Both my parents are teachers, which six months ago I thought was my last choice profession, however, I have come to realise that all those times as a young child where I would direct and put on plays with my siblings for the whole family at Christmas would be the start of a continuous love for performing. I love to get creative and teach people things I have learnt and this has developed into a passion of mine and to be able to pass on this passion to the younger generation, through teaching, is my goal. Therefore, a drama course and then a PGCE is the path I would like to follow, to then become a drama teacher, following my inspirational parent’s footsteps. However, by starting with a drama single honours course instead of drama and education double honours, this opens up my options after I have finished my drama course.
Finding creative ways of displaying my thoughts on stage for an audience is an uplifting feeling. I would want to teach secondary school students as they can understand a more mature approach to drama and help them to share my zest for it. I find that if the teacher is as stimulated by the subject, the students will begin to share this as well; this is something I aspire to.
During my time at high school and sixth form I took part in various performances, dramatically and musically based. My favourite was taking the part of Antigone in the famous Sophocles’ play, Antigone, this role was very empowering as she fought for her rights as a woman in Ancient Greece. To understand the character, as it was performed naturalistically, my other subjects were able to help me, sociology in particular because we learn about feminism and women’s rights within society. I was able to compare the rights women have now and then, and this enabled me to portray her character to a modern audience in a way they would understand. This will help me in my drama course as I will be performing to modern audiences all the time, and therefore demonstrate it in a way they will understand.
I have also had experience within schools to boost my knowledge of teaching. This involved me going into a school and leading a drama lesson, this was an exhilarating experience as I was able to see what