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Dream Home Proposal
Diana Cortinas, Michelle Scogna, Stacie Glover, Cecilia Nichols
BSHS 425
June 20, 2014
Nicole Nightingale
Dream Home Proposal
A Home for Everyone A Home for Everyone is an organization that proposes what it believes to be an amazing safe haven dedicated to the homeless, and to homeless individuals with a family. With their strong vision and dedicated mission they will take individuals to a better place. Share valued statements, major goals and objectives as well as laying out the budgeting process and resource acquisitions will help clients get to where they need to be.
A Home for Everyone will strive to be a high quality organization for the homeless in this community. We will be making a difference in our community by providing shelter, clothing, and meals for the people in need. We want to help the people in our community by finding them job training so that they can start working towards a career goal. We want to guide, care for, respect, nurture and most of help them become strong and independent individuals.
A Home for Everyone’s mission is to help the homeless people in our community. We will take in people of all different ages, genders, races, cultures, singles, and families because in our eyes everyone matters. The social needs of the community that we will meet are job training, clothing, shelter, and meals. A Home for Everyone is one of the best organizations around because we are reaching out to help people in need and will turn no one away that is in need.
Values statements for strategic planning of dream human service organization
At A Home for Everyone the staff holds these value statements to be true:
We believe that the members of this community are important and that they need to be treated with respect and care.
We believe our clients need to get the best possible care that we can give.
We believe that the clients are to be given a chance to become empowered by taking part in decisions that affect them.
We believe that the funding that A Home for Everyone receives is to be used to help as many clients as possible.
We believe that confidentiality is important to the client and to the shelter.
We believe that representatives of A Home for Everyone should remember that whether on duty or off our behavior reflects on the shelter.
Major goals and objectives using SMART There are many goals for our individuals here at A Home for Everyone. Our main goal is to provide multiple services to individuals needing assistance in one place. Homeless individuals and homeless families in need of assistance can get all their needs met in one place such as shelter, food, counseling, employment search, education, and more.
1. Help individuals find stable housing and become self-sufficient.
2. Bring services to individuals under one roof for easy access.
3. Give individuals the skills that they need in order to get out in the working world.
4. Empower individuals with the strength that they need to live a healthy life.
Using the SMART concept will help our organization achieve success in helping our clients reach their goals. The SMART concept consists of specific goals that are measurable, achievable, relevant, and reached in a specific time frame. Goals must be specific in order for them to be achieved. Attainable goals such as finding permanent housing are a goal that most of our clients will be trying to achieve.

1. Improve the living standards of homeless individuals who come from different backgrounds, and poverty through social and economic empowerment.
2. Reduce stigma and discrimination faced by homeless individuals in the working world
Budget development and resource acquisitions
Budgeting is one of the most important tasks that management in any organization will encounter. In some organizations responsibilities are divided among the management team but just as well one member of the team can be solely responsible for