Dreams Don T Work

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Dreams Don’t Work

Have you ever found yourself wrapped up in the fetal position, sucking your thumb, while a loved one desperately tries to pull on your suit so you can go to work? Well being an employee at McDonalds will give you that feeling, Would you rather have a job that treats you with respect or not, would you rather find a rats nest in an ice cream machine or be a clean freak? The first problem with McDonalds is their lack of respect! If you were not feeling good, or had to leave work early they would tell you “too bad”. Over the summer I wasn’t feeling good; I had a fever, a stomach ache, and a headache. I asked if I could go home early, since we weren’t busy or short handed; they told me no. As I was walking back to my station, I projectile vomit everywhere and they would still not send me home. They had me working with food while I was sick like that, and handling people’s food while being sick is disrespectful to the customers; not only to me. McDonalds also isn’t a very respectable work place because of their ignorance. Managers at McDonalds do not know how to communicate with their employers in a respectable way. When we have lockdowns1 we aren’t suppose to move from our spots, we have to have someone bring us what we need. That seems like we would have that under control until a manager would ask you to go do something; when there wasn’t any customers one day, a manager asked if I would go to the back to stock the sauces, I did. As soon as I got back up there a different manager just screamed at me for moving during lockdown. I explained to the manager that I was asked to go stock sauces, she went to conform it and it was; no apology for yelling at me like that. After that I decided that I needed to just stay in my spot, so I wouldn’t get in trouble. Five minutes later, I got yelled at for just “standing around”, it was a lose – lose situation. Lastly they weren’t respectful when it came to your schedule. When you needed a day off it was up to them; unless you were favored, which I was not. If you wanted a day off for whatever your reasoning was they always said “Possibly, it isn’t guaranteed.” There have been a few times where I was still in high school, and they scheduled me during the school day and when I told them I couldn’t work, because I had school they told me that it was my problem to fix, not theirs. Secondly, the management at McDonalds is absolutely terrible; all they do is sit around and let everyone do the work. Sometimes they would even go to the backroom and eat while being on shift when they weren’t on break. The managers never followed the rules, they would give out free food and blame it on the crew2 worker, they would also take people’s breaks away while they were on break because something needed to be cleaned up, or anything. An example of their poor management was one time I was discussing a workout routine with a co-worker because she wanted one, and I was telling her about it and a male manager came up by us, and told me “It must work because, you have ghetto booty, junk in the trunk.” After he told me that I went to our head manager and told her what happened and she did not do a thing about it; she told me that I was unable to anything because he did not physically touch me. Last but not least is their lack of cleanliness, the lobby there was never kept up; there was trash everywhere, the tables would be sticky and still have food left on them, the trash would be over flowing, and there was trash on the floor. We always had two maintence people on the clock so there should have never been a reason why the store should ever look like that. Bathrooms are never kept up like how they are suppose to, I’ve walked in there and would see fesees on the walls, diapers just thrown wherever, toilets looking terrible, and paper towels just all over the floor. Another example of their inkept store is the time we found the rats nest in the ice cream machine. They sent me to go deep