Dress Codes In Public Schools

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Public schools make dress codes so that the school’s students dress appropriate and to reduce any distractions or vulgarity. However, by trying to limit distractions, school administrators do the opposite by making students miss valuable teaching instruction time or even resulting in making the student go home. There is a fine line between a student wearing vulgar things, promoting inappropriate things, and the student’s right to express themselves. Students attend class for seven to eight hours a day, most of the day sitting, what is wrong about trying to dress comfortable? Public school’s tend to more directly target and influence the rules on females. Are public schools being sexist? Are public schools being absurd? Public schools take simple manners out of proportion. The idea that a visible bra strap or a pair of leggings will prevent a teen boy from learning is absurd. It suggests that a school’s priority is to create an ideal learning environment for males, while ignoring factors that may help females learn. Dress codes tend to target females- Is this not considered sexist? The worst part is by calling a girl’s clothing “distracting,” you imply that she is responsible for any …show more content…
I partially do agree with this. Girls in my school often complain about not being able to wear tank tops or yoga pants, but does that mean dress codes are sexist? I see both ways, yes and no. While school administrators often focus more on girls’ clothes rather than boys’, that’s just because girls have more clothing options—which include more revealing choices too. There should be ground rules for no revealing private parts showing, yes, of course. However, one should have the right to express oneself, and fashion is a good way to do so. But high school is also the training ground for real life. Many jobs have dress codes and rules for their employees to follow, and one must