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Executive Summary
Following this introduction, background section describes the idea about mobile cloud computing, and also mentions recent development. Methodology section describes how we analyze the ethical issues based on mobile cloud computing. Objectives and aims section reports the social impact and ethical concern; however, we focus on five main fields. These fields are business, government, medical, education and cloud gaming with social influence and ethical issues. Following objectives and aims section, we report more details about these different fields. For example, in business field, some precautionary measures have already secured the enterprises and businesses by future cloud computing; in government field, national bar associations have released set of laws to allow attorneys’ use of mobile cloud computing; in medical field, form kinds of ethical values in its services, especially in the field of healthcare; in education field, some uploading resource of university is whether lack of academic confidence or not; in entertainment field, due to cloud game, emotion between family and friends are sickness. In addition, we report and answer three questions based on different five fields respectively.
Mobile Cloud Computing Introduction
Mobile cloud computing is a combination of cloud computing and mobile technology to provide mobile devices unlimited computing resources, large amount of data storage capacity and lifting of heavy-duty tasks(Bateman & Wood, 2009).
A whole new infrastructure is maintained outside the mobile devices in which all kind of computing, processing and storage tasks are carried out of the mobile device. This architecture is very helpful for smart mobile phone devices in which mobile applications use this architecture to provide several advantages to mobile phones such as long battery life, data storage and computing power is enhanced. Moreover data can be accessed from anywhere in the world from any device as it is stored in one place with the ease of integration for other devices. Mobile cloud computing allows convenient, hassle free and on-demand access to a network of shared computing resources such as servers, high power computing machines, servers and other kind of services (Kshetri, 2010). All these resources can be easily provided with the help of least management effort of internet service provider. So MCC has made a life easier for the internet service providers and mobile users who want to be online with their data anytime with efficient resources.
However, with the rapid development of this technology, social and ethical problems are coming to people’s sights.
Mobile Cloud Computing Background
What is Mobile Cloud Computing
‘Mobile cloud computing at its simplest, refers to an infrastructure where both the data storage and data processing happen outside of the mobile device. Mobile cloud applications move the computing power and data storage away from mobile phones and into the cloud, bringing applications and MC to not just smartphone users but a much broader range of mobile subscribers’.
Current Situation
Mobile devices have rapidly become an irreplaceable tools in human’s life as the most popular and portable communication tools anytime and anywhere .People gain plentiful experience of a huge variety of services from the various applications, which run on the device or the remote severs through 3G, 4g or WIFI. The fast development plays a significant role in IT’s progress as well as business and industry fields.
It is widely considered that Cloud computing will be the next generation computing infrastructure. Users are able to benefit from using infrastructure, platforms and software which belong to cloud providers at low cost.. Thus, users can elastically utilize resources in an on-demand fashion through cloud computing. As a result, only a small amount of management efforts or service provider’s interactions is necessary when mobile applications provided