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As I walked through my elementary school’s cafeteria, a loud explosion of kids’ laughter and chanting hit my pierced my ear drums like bullets flying in the air. Disoriented, I look up to see my niece and her friends part of a game similar to jeopardy. The layout of the show was in jeopardy format, but the subjects were all about drugs. In the top left corner, the word DARE is in bright red, with a period in-between each letter. A sudden flashback of my childhood fills my heads. I remember walking in a straight line (with me being a leader) to the cafeteria and being chosen to be player in the DARE game. I always aimed to win everything, so I naturally choose the question with the highest possible points I could win. The question was MARIJUANA for 1000 points, “ TRUE or FALSE, MARIJUANA has hazardous chemicals which promotes cancer cell growth”. I ponder, what is marijuana? What is cancer? What does hazardous mean? I then remember the kids before me had a similar question which was about smoking cigarettes and it was true. I took a “educated” guess, and got it right. The host of the show said “Coooooorrect, marijuana causes cancer. Remember kids, Drugs Are Really Evil.” I didn’t know it back then, but I was being brainwashed into thinking marijuana is bad. They were force feeding lies down our throats and weren’t allowing us to have our own opinions. They were lying to us to make sure we followed them blinding and without hesitation. They made it into a “game” just to make it influence kids at a young age, because if you’re goanna brainwash a whole nation, you have to get them young. I find my nieces teacher and tell her I’m picking her up for a doctor’s appointment. She smiles and goes to get my niece, and we walk back to my car. As I drove she was excitingly telling me what she had learned, that’s drugs are bad and marijuana is the worst. She says in a stern, yet adorable look, it causes cancer. I smile and my thoughts begin to take over. My body was on autopilot, mindlessly driving to her doctors,