Patients: Innovation and Care Data Essay

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Provincial Governments
What does drug and drug innovation mean? able to treat disease access to better treatment

way to make profit and survive in market by innovating companies can become leader in the industry
- early innovation in a therapeutic area means greater market share cost burden
- can also assist in minimizing healthcare cost if drug is effective and innovative
- better treatment for their patients
What does quality of care mean? better quality of life
Increases life span
Less severity of the disease
Shorter length of the hospital stay they have to look at the ‘quality of care’ through different perspective based on their stakeholder currently quality of care data is generated during clinical trials, but true ‘quality of care data can only be generated through epidemiology studies, which have usually have real life patients
Improving the quality of life of its citizens

- improvement in their patients’ quality of life
- less severity of the disease
- shorter length of hospital stay

Current reimbursement policy?
Patients don’t have access to all the drugs
To access certain drugs, which are not covered under the formulary, patients either have to move to different province, get insurance or pay on their own
Inequality between patients (cancer patients are QALY---add) inconsitinces between provinces on how the quality of care data is taken into consideration in listing the drug in the formularies create a lot of uncertainty as less than 20% of the drugs that are approved by