Early Childhood Essay

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Everyone has something that they’re passionate about; I myself have something that I believe is just naturally in me. I have a passion for children. Ever since I was a child I always cared for my baby dolls more than your average 5 year old would; I would bathe them, change them, play with them, and even talk to them. As I grew older I noticed that my love for children wasn’t just a toddler stage, it was in me! As I got older the love for children grew with me. Growing up, I was an only child around a lot of adults so as the youngest in the house I felt as if no one ever understood me. Once I entered High School, The High School of my choice was ranked #1 academic school in Tampa, Florida. It was a special magnet school in which students got to pick a shop and do hands on learning. The summer of my 8th grade year I got a letter saying I had been accepted to Tampa Bay Technical High School in the Early Childhood Program which included parenting skills, and child development. Every week Tuesday through Friday we got to wear scrubs with our names on it, mine read “Ms.Jestine” at the top right with little building blocks around it. The Early Childhood classroom was HUGE! Only because we had a running preschool inside of it. Our pre-school- “Little Titan World Pre School”, ran from Tuesday through Friday 8am-12pm with a range from 15 to 20 preschoolers enrolled. I looked forward to going to the preschool everyday although I only got to work with them for an hour because I had other classes. With the children, I learned how to make them nutritious meals, redirect their misbehaviors,