Clothing Industry Research Paper

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Clothing Industry Nowadays, with the economy develop; the amount of money and goods moving between countries has been rising steadily. This leads a series of economic development. People were getting richer and richer in today’s society, and that leads more consumptions spend money on clothes becomes more and more popular, people are willing to pay money on clothes to make them looks better, so the clothing industry becomes a part of any country’s economic system, and the clothing industry is one of the most important parts of globalization economy. The clothing industry has a long history. About 1831, George Opdyke began the small-scale manufacture of ready-made clothing, which he stocked and sold largely through a store in New Orleans. Opdyke was one of the first American merchants to do so. Everyone will spend money on clothes, someone think that spend money on clothes is necessary。We can try to calculate about it, for example we can treat everyone spend about six hundred dollars on clothes, and nowadays there are about three hundred and seventy million people in America, so that will leads about two hundred billion dollars for American to spend on clothes. This must be the sum of the enormous overhead, and it will play a role in promoting a country’s economic. Every big company will do statistics every month, which kind of products people are more willing to buy, and which kind of products is suitable for people’s “taste”. This will directly affect the supply of next season. Every big clothing company will also affect the world economy; Nike Sports Company is a good example. Nike Company employs more than 40,000 people worldwide. This includes "designers and marketers to compliance monitors and accountants, to retail employees. In other words, Nike Company will gives more than 40,000 people wages each year, and when these people