Nike: Brazil and World Cup Essay

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The following report will present our team’s entry strategy for our new product line which will be designed for soccer players of all skill levels. The following report will provide insight into our current international strategy along with various elements that will be a part of a successful campaign. There will be information as to the current relationship between the country of Brazil and our company with regards to recent tensions along with an outlook of our future.
Our line will be centered on a no nonsense approach to victory and achieving maximum levels of performance on and off the field. These products will include shoes, uniforms, balls and equipment all created with Nike’s expected unmatched quality. This will be a line designed for all levels of skill and competition. From the streets and parks of Brazil to the World Cup and Olympic games our mission is to maintain our industry leading presence in all arenas.
Brazil through good resource management and some good fortune has earned the right to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympic games. Needless to say these are two of the largest sporting events in the world and rightly so garner the attention of millions of people from almost every country. The World Cup and the Olympics represent two of the most prestigious soccer tournaments in the world and Nike will have a dominant presence in the host country of both. When the eyes of the world watch the best soccer teams and players compete for the greatest honors they will be watching them wearing Nike as they do it.
We at Nike enjoy several benefits that other smaller firms do not possess. Nike currently holds partnerships with the Brazilian National Soccer Club as well as four of the premier professional teams in the country. Some of the most recognizable soccer players in the country and the world already wear the Nike brand which gives us an immense advantage in attaining market dominance and label recognition. With the World Cup and Summer Olympics rapidly approaching we must capture the anticipation for these events and turn it into demand for the world best soccer equipment.
Going abroad with our venture is a risk but at same time nothing can be gained without some cost or risk. The heart of international business is the changes companies must make when they are confronted with unstable and complex environments in foreign lands. We at Nike enjoy a stable relationship in Brazil although it has had it bumps in the road. This relationship will be covered further in the report.
Under normal circumstances there would be substantial risk in attempting a product launch in a foreign country. Luckily for our firm we have a solid presence in the country solidified with partnerships with the top soccer clubs and players. It is this team’s recommendation that we attempt to locate some quality Joint Venture partners with respects to smaller athletic outlets and community soccer programs. It is our belief that establishing strong relationships with the small businesses near and around the major cities with enhance our corporate image along with solidifying our position as the premier producer of soccer apparel and equipment.
Advantages from seeking out Joint Venture prospects:
• Technical/Operational Assistance: We can supply small capital investments to assist in the modernization of our partners along with providing any necessary upgrades needed to assist with the sale and marketing of our product line. For example, computers, software, marketing assistance.
• Access to Knowledge: We can bring the Nike attitude and philosophy to smaller firms so that they may learn and possibly improve their methods and in turn improve their sales of our products.
• Political and Local Issues: With the help of small businesses we can help repair any damage done to our company name and label.
• Market Control: By getting ourselves on the inside, being side by side with small business we make it more difficult for any