Essay about Education

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Ida Farzaneh
De Roulet
Jun 17, 2013

Attitude about Education The education system in the United States has been placed on the backburner and is in need of fundamental changes. Education is the most important and lasting parts of who we are as individuals in society. I have been fortunate to have experienced both the good and the bad of the educational system in the United States, and because of that truth I can differentiate what works and what is missing in today’s educational system. As far back as I can recall I have had distaste for school, but not because I did not enjoy learning. Truthfully I love to learn new things, whether it is trivial or applicable. From primary to the end of high school I have gone through fazes, from extremely disinterested to completely submerge in school. I can only remember school as a place I had to go to in order to fulfill my duties as a child. I always felt as thou I was going to school to be babysat so that my parents could go to work. I was surrounded by teachers who showed a lack in interest in teaching to their full potential. As a student you pick up on things such as unwillingness to interact and participate. This failure in character on behalf of the teacher is conveyed to the student, and can lead to the student’s failure. However, I can remember clearly every teach that motivated me as a student. The teachers that stand above the rest are those who gave their hearts to the educational system, with disregard to the lack in school funding and limitations in materials for the classroom. I will never forget the expectations and tenacity instilled by those teachers who pushed each and every one of my peers and me. Although, those teachers pushed their students beyond their capacity nor I or my classmates submitted to the indignation of failure. Despite the countless teachers who performed at subpar standard the attitude that I took with me as a student was that there was nothing more fulfilling than surpassing your own expectations and those of your fellow peers. Gaining knowledge is the transformation of your beliefs and mindset that will help you better understand the environment in and around you as an individual. I recognized the difference between I teacher that gave the just enough to comply with the status quo, and those teachers who refused for a student to fall behind and took every possible measure to ensure the success of a student. The experience of Mike Rose resonated with me on a few levels. His demeanor towards the way he first viewed school reminded me of how it was for me growing up. It is completely understandable how a person such as Mike Rose can be disoriented and fearful of the situation that he was in. having trouble in school can sometimes make a person feel less valuable than those you are surrounded by. You begin to feel left out and alone to fend for yourself. After all I it is quite difficult when Rose was thrown into a school with other kids that can be in many ways different from his own. Rose speaks of this moment as unsettling more so in an ethnically diverse school, where there are many different languages, like where Rose attended in Los Angeles. School can defiantly be a difficult environment for children to have to learn to succeed. Children often begin to compare themselves to their other peers. In a classroom setting this can be very dangerous for a child’s self esteem. Especially in a classroom where some children are not receiving the necessary amount of attention by the teacher, creating doubt in the mind of a child who has seen his peers surpass him. Rose felt more difficulties because he was in a vocational track program. Rose felt that the environment that a person is a part of defines a person as an individual. His self-image was that he was slow and that his school was only meant occupy him. Rose speaks about his fears that the vocational track school that he was attending was meant to train him enough to