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Denesha Tatum
July 11, 2012
English 101
Living at home vs. Living on campus
Every child has dreams about the day they go off to college and leave mommy and daddy behind. But, most children don’t understand the pros and cons of living at home and living on campus. Living at home can be such a burden on a child. But, living on campus is also a wakeup call for many other students. But, with freedom comes responsibility and that’s where a lot of students fall short. Living at home can be such a burden after staying under your parents roofs all of your life. When you’re at home you always have somebody telling you to clean the dishes, wash your clothes, clean your room etc. You really don’t get a feel of the real world because your parents provide your each and every need for you. You come home to a home cooked meal, you may not have to share a bathroom depending on if you have siblings or not. You don’t have to spend your own money. Living at home with your parents is less stress on a student. You have a lot more time on your hands due to the limited distractions at home. Living on campus all alone is a real life reality check for many students. You don’t have mommy and daddy running behind you telling you to do every little thing like they would at home. Once you live in a dorm room you either sink or swim this will help get you in shape for the real world. For many students it’s easy for them to break away from home depending on how prepared they were to leave home. But others may have a hard time because they had an easy life and never had to do for themselves so living on their own will be a struggle. Living on campus you learn how to be self sufficient. You have to learn how to cook, clean, and do many other important things by yourself without the help of your parents. You learn how to take responsibility of your life but you also get to experience new people and new things. It’s all not hard work living on your own you also have your own sense of freedom! From my personal experience living at home and living on campus are both good teaching tools. Living at home was such a pain so it was easier for me to make the transition for college living. But living here on campus has made me appreciate my family more. I appreciate a lot more things because once you get to college you have to learn