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Why I decided to go back to school

I would honestly have to say that my decision of going back to school has to be the most adult decision I have made. So many pros and cons were involved in this decision. Although going back to school can certainly be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, it is not a decision that I could make selfishly. A solid support structure is one of the keys to seceding in this journey. I needed to know that my fiance was willing and able to support me in the decision I made. I also needed my family’s support to know that the decision I made was the right one. A huge advantage of returning to school at an older age is that I will appreciate learning in a way that was not possible before. This life experience will give me a perspective of what life is really about. I fell like this time around I will enjoy learning and my grades will be reflective of this. I needed to complete what I set out to do when I was younger. That is why I decided to finish school and actually finish something I have started. My parents also had a big part in my decision. I know that they worked really hard for us to go to school. I know that they will be very proud to see any of us finish school and show for it.
Another big denominator in my decision was how now a days you are only worth anything if you have a degree. My decision was made because I want to make something out of myself, and I know that I am capable of doing it. I don’t want to have a regular job anymore, I want a career. That is why I decided to study early childhood education. Sometimes I do find myself doing a little bit too much. The great thing about online courses is that I can give myself a little bit of time away from it all.
By attending college I am finally going to accomplish my goal of graduating from college. Now that I’m enrolled I will not give up. I will be completing three major reasons; one is to finally receive my college degree, two making my kids proud of their father and finally being able to show my grand kids and everyone else to never give up and accomplished what their set their mind to do. I will finally be achieving my long term goal to major in Business Management. Ever since I was old enough to really think about my future plans and goals, I have always wanted to attend and graduate from college. When I first thought about going to college I wanted to be a Bilingual Educator for Special Ed. Kids. As I got older I realized that my interest started to change and that Bilingual Educator for Special ed. Kids did not interest me as much as it once did. There was a period in time where I was undecided in what to major in. Nevertheless I knew that I was going to attend College whether I entered with a major or if I entered as undecided. Recently I realized that I was interested in Business and I was anxious to know and learn more about it.
Another reason is that I notice that when my oldest daughter Maria is doing her homework, I notice that the material has become more complicated. I also do not understand the material that is being taught at my daughter’s school. It really