Hsc300 Unit 1 Assignment

Words: 508
Pages: 3

This assignment allowed us to discuss our future careers and the writing we would potentially be doing within them. Because of this, it was a goal of mine to pick a practice of writing that would be the most prevalent in speech pathology. I figured that I could use assignment three to my advantage in familiarizing myself now with the formats of writing I would encounter in the future. Lab reports are quite prevalent when learning the skills of speech, language, and hearing sciences (SLHS). Additionally, a goal of mine was to make the field of SLHS easily understandable to an audience who doesn’t have any previous knowledge of the area. I tried to start off the paper with a relatable matter among my peers when addressing the frustration with …show more content…
The past two assignment’s peer reviews have helped me greatly in forming a strong final draft from a weaker rough draft. This assignment is no different. I was able to see things from other people’s point of view and pick up on things I would have never noticed myself. It can be easy for us to overlook the weak and shaky parts of our writing, because in our minds, everything we write makes sense. I was able to see my paper in a whole new light after others reviewed it. For example, one of my reviewers brought to my attention that there were parts of my paper that sounded quite repetitive. She even said it sounded like she was reading the exact same sentence in some areas. While it disappointed me slightly to hear about this, I was thankful for the feedback. I spent some time rearranging the sentences and think the result was much better. The main challenge I faced when constructing this assignment was getting the background information on the authors to prove credibility. The lab report I highlighted had six authors struggling with finding some of their education experience and current endeavors online. This set me back slightly in the writing