Definition Of Education

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I want to be educated and not just get a diploma. According to an online dictionary, the definition of education is "the act or process of acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgement, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life." That being said, education is the key to success and without it I'll have a hard time achieving my goals in life. An education will help me live a comfortable living style in the future, work in a field that I enjoy and broaden my horizon in more ways than one. In addition, it will also help me grow as an individual.

For instance, if I plan on being satisfied with myself, I will need a higher education. Chances are that most people are like me and want the best things in life. In order to be in a position where I feel stable, education is crucial. This is to say that an increase in knowledge will help me better understand the world around me and how things work. Knowledge is more beneficial than harmful. Whereas, in the 70s and 80s, many people were able to set goals and achieve them even if they didn't choose to go to college.

To illustrate my second point, I need to take classes to lay the foundation for where I want to be 10 years from now. I want to be a doctor, more specifically a neurologist. In order for me to get there, it's imperative that I become well educated. My parents aren't forcing me to become a doctor, rather I want to be one. Not to mention that people who hold degrees are more likely to have a high self-esteem which leads to them being respected more. Take for example teachers. Teachers are the cornerstones of society, without them not many people would succeed or achieve life goals.

In a like manner, broadening my horizons will help me gain insights into topics that I've been interested in. According to an online