Essay Smart: Education and Smart People

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There are many different forms of education, if one must divide them into three different categories it would be book smart, street smart, and intrapersonal smart. If one was asked what is the difference between book smart, street smart, and intrapersonal smart the list could possibly go on since each different type of education has its own unique way of working. Education has many different definitions but over all it has the same key terms; to learn or be taught. In our society today most think that the only route to success is by going to school and having a college degree. But that is not the only education provided for someone who can be successful. There are many different other routes in life and then there are three people who fall into different categories. Education can be divided into three different categories: book smart, street smart, and intrapersonal smart. Book smart people are very well educated academically; they are often intrigued at the thought of school. They are typically the ones who excel well in the academic system. Books smart people are seen as nerds who often put the most effort into academic things such as homework, school projects, and exams. A stereotype of a person who is book smart is someone who lacks common sense because they cannot grasp the different ways of dealing with life situations. Although it is important to be book smart, they lack many other characteristics. For example, many people who are book smart lack social skills