Rules: Education and People Essay

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Rules are what society is made of, without them people would not see them as in a society. Rules insure that people who think they are above or exempt from society are contained, such as if you steal from someone you are arrested, for the good of society. There would be deeper consequences if you preformed a felony crime, you would still be arrested and held accountable in order to keep society in balance.
Of course not all these rules work nor are 100% upheld properly but overall they are made to keep society together and for the good of the people. The people who enforce them may be unjust and cruel but without societies rules these are the people that might be running things since they seek to dominate people. This is why we would have anarchy without society’s rules and why they are in place. To keep the clicks in check because, without rules there would be anarchy until sort of "tribes" or groups of people formed into another society and then eventually there would be rules again. Rules are unavoidable, it’s the saying the grass is green on the other side, if you do not have rules then you have nothing to compare the grass to; thus going about life blindly. You have to obey state laws just like you do in school if not you''ll be hurt. An example if your school rule is to not drink sodas in class. The reasons might be kids who drink soda are not responsible or mature. They may get sick; their soda might spill inside books. There is the possibility of students not throwing away the trash. The rules are in place to protect the property of not just the school but the student/ parent for paying for the cost of the damage done to sodas being allowed at school. There is another example, students and visitors to the school cannot bring weapons. Again there are reasons to this…