The Importance Of Effective Communication

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Many times over the course of studying for a teacher it is really interesting to find out that I have learned so much more than I thought. To be putting together unit lesson plans and finding out the new ways to teach lessons. Students need teachers that are intrigued to be the teacher that is required. To understand what core components need to be taught to the students. One of the best competencies is to make sure there is effective communicate in a classroom. Teachers and students can demonstrate effective communication in many ways. Some of the ways that teachers and students can demonstrate are (Peterson, 2012):
- Use a tone that is honest and tactful, choosing words that are appropriate to the situation
- make eye contact and focus on the speaker, when listening.
- Speak in turn, never interrupting the speaker. Many times students needs to know that when they communicate with the teacher then it is understood. "Students can write down one sentence that summarizes what they think the lesson or lecture was about, or they can write a question they have about the lesson" (Peterson, 2012). Without effective communication then students may start to act in class. I have noticed that many times in teaching it is necessary to plan units or making a theme. It is really helpful if you can plan a unit in advance, to be able to get some ideas for the unit before getting started on it. I was teaching a summer class this summer with a unit that I was not very knowledgeable about. I did some research and found out many opportunities to give the students something interesting to learn and how to teach it. I started this unit by dressing in a tin box, this was a real surprise to student when I come in the room in a big box. Then next day it was a circle shape. The classes were about 90 minutes in length so we had time to go through the lesson and then go into a discussion of what objects in the real world was the same shape. I do not believe that I could have taught this class without learning about unit plans and effective communication. Over the course of the lesson I see many new units that I would love to try in my classroom. Although I am looking at teaching in a prison now, being able to effectively