The Importance Of Motivation

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After reading chapter nine I found that it was mostly discussing the importance of motivation in the classroom. It stressed that it is the responsibility of the teachers to motivate the students to learn. I agree with that idea because in my experience, classes that I categorized as boring and useless, were led by teachers that made no connection to their students; teachers that didn’t lake learning exciting and worthwhile. Having had instructors now that have motivated me to learn and be eager to gain more knowledge have shown me how little my previous teachers had tried to get through to us students. I think it’s really easy for people to generalize and make assumptions based off of minor details and small bits of information they’ve heard from others. I agree with Pugach when, on page 291, she says “good schools exist in all kinds of communities” (Pugach, 2009). People often think that the only “good” schools are in communities that have more money, when in reality; money doesn’t make a school “good” necessarily. Schools that are deemed “good” are schools that incorporate motivation and time for the students. I also really enjoyed it when she said, on page 294, that it’s important for teachers to “acknowledge the good work of all class members regularly, both publicly and privately” (Pugach, 2009). It broadened my perspective because I knew that encouraging students is necessary, but reading it that way it stood out to me and caused me to think. It makes people feel