Education Is Not the Key to Success Essays

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About 20 years ago, education was something that a person did only if he/she wanted to. Unfortunately, as the years went by, the idea of "Education is the key to success" got more, and more enforced. People eventually started to believe that education was the single way to succeed, and the only thing needed for success. Despite the fact, many Americans believe a college degree will lead them to be successful, in reality, education is not the solitary way to succeed. Not everybody can receive an education, or even an excellent education from a "decent academic" college/university. "There are many students who have no desire to attend college and who would be much better off if they …show more content…
Two other skills a person needs, is to be friendly, and kind. Being nice and friendly is significant. Like Lyman said, being kind is important because it will

beothers that will help a person be successful. Other people will help a person get to where he or she wants to be. They will help the person envision what they want and obtain a job. They will also help a person gain opportunity. People like to help others, but only if the person is nice and

friendly. Others want to have people with those qualities around them. Besides persistence and being nice and friendly a person also needs to have other life skills in order to succeed. One of the skills a person needs is public speaking. A person needs to be able to express themselves clearly in front of a group of people. "People who are effective speakers come across as more comfortable with themselves, more confident, and more attractive to be around" (Wax, #1). Another skill is self-management, and the skills needed to obtain self-management are: strong sense of discipline, sturdy organizational skills, and impressive productivity habits. A person needs to keep him or herself on track. A third skill that a person needs is to know how to network. Knowing how to network can build relationships and those relationships can help a person land a job or career and take them one step forward at being successful.