Educational Planning Essay

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College of Education
Graduate Program
Zamboanga City

Course Title : EdAd 205 (Educational Planning and Curriculum Development)
Course Professor : Dr. Alicia T. Baldicano
Topics : EDUCATIONAL PLANNING Background of Educational Planning
A. Concepts of Educational Planning
a. Basic Ideas and Concepts about Planning
b. Nature and Scope of Educational Planning
c. Concepts of Educational Planning
d. Definition of Educational Planning
e. History of Educational Planning in the Philippines
Discussant : Joanes C. Ocamia and Ireen C. Lingayan
Strategies :
a. Mental Warm – up e. Concept Web
b. Bubble Quotes f. Circular Bending Flow Chart
c. Placemat g. Numbered Heads
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Categories of Education Informal education is an unorganized and but a truly life-long process whereby individuals acquire communicating skills, both verbal and non-verbal, etiquette, customs, family and social relations, religious beliefs and rites from daily experiences and environment where they belong.

Formal education refers to the hierarchically-structured, chronologically-graded educational system from the primary through the university. It caters solely for the purpose of teaching a clientele according to a set of patterns. A pattern consists of such elements as grades or classes, prescribed syllabuses and timetables, examinations, academic awards and so forth.

Non-formal education is any organized educational activity established outside the formal system whether operating separately or as an important features of some broader activities that are intended to identifiable learning clientele and learning objectives.

College of Education
Graduate Program
Zamboanga City

EDUCATIONAL PLANNING page 3 by: Joanes C. Ocamia & Ireen C. Lingayan

The term “educational development” refers to the multi-faceted function of

a. Expanding