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3.Taking to the responses answered in question two , list and explain five things that information system has been implemented.
Here we have the list of five things that information system has been implemented with their explanation. 1 Time saving : Tt is the most important achievement after the implementation of the information system .time saving possible by the moodle which work on the basic principle of online work .Now it is possible to mark the attendance just by the swipe in and swipe out .Before lecture used to call every single student for attendance which used take lots time and simple cuts the class hours. Teachers used to give lots of hands out to student but now just singing into the account they can access to the lecture note with the display on big screen. Due to online registration it is very easy for the student to register in every term by their home, which save lots of time in traveling to intuition.

2 E-learning: Once the user become the member of this system they will have their own account which give the easy access. Now a day it is very important for any of the education institution to provide the online reading system. This is important to those people that who cant be there by physically but are willing to study in those intuition. E-learning is possible in GCA due to the implementation of this information system called moodle.

3Less paper work: As this system makes possible every thing through Internet, which means the less paper work. Student can directly upload their assessment to the moodle, which save lots of papers. Online test, online reading and the online communication with student via mail save lots of papers and its make work fast.

4 Communication: system is designed in such a way due to which communication between student, teacher and the intuition is easy. Teacher can keep in touch through the system on the matter of study, if there any change in class time, exam time, submission time many other thing teacher can inform student through the system. Which helps to keep in up-to-date in every activity. And in the case of student, student can communicate with the related teacher on the possible difficulties that come across while studding. Institution gives lots of news regarding with study and it policy, which is only possible through the good information system.

5 Study room and computer lab: Now GCA has enough computer labs and the study room for their student. The most significant thing is that all the computer are linked with the system so student and the teacher can save their work in any computer and open through any of them. And these computers are full of all resources that's help in study.