My Writing Class

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In English this year I knew one thing I truly wanted to work on was my writing skills. Writing is something I have always really enjoyed but I have never been the strongest writer when it has come to analytical essays. Writing workshop essays have always been my favorite to write, I love how I get the freedom to write whatever I want. When I look back at all of the pieces I have written this year I can easily see the growth from the beginning of the year to now which I am really proud of. From last year to this year I have grown drastically in writing, when I was a sophomore I was a very timid writer, I didn’t like to use voice in my essays I struggled with organization and grammar aspects of my pieces. I used to dred writing paper so much everytime my teacher would assign papers I would cringe. …show more content…
This year I have realized that I really enjoy expressing my voice through my writing workshops and I love how you can see that in my last writing workshop. I believe that you can really see my humoristic side in that piece and you can see how I respond with humor in some not so funny situations and I think that a cool thing that I gained from writing different papers this year. I would have never written a paper like that last year I think I would have been to scared to because I used to never ever want to step out of my comfort zone for papers cause I thought that would lead to a bad grade. I have now figured ou that that is the opposite, t’s really a good thing to step outside of your comfort zone and take risks because normally they end well. Before really relied on prompts for writing workshop and now I love that we can just come up with something on our