Elderly Play Bingo Essay

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Every year when everyone is off for summer my family has a reunion. The adults play volleyball and softball, the elderly play bingo and dominoes, and the kids play with the other kids. However, the kids were not physically playing but rather all staring at their tablets. My nephew was seeing if his Hulk could beat my cousins Iron Man and my other two kin were trading Pokemon through bluetooth. I tried convincing my nephew to come play two hand touch but he was too fixated on his game, along with the other children of technology. They all acted like zombies and would not say much to anybody. I'm gonna explain why children should not be allowed to have cell phones or technology at a young age because it makes them lazy, puts them at risk for danger and because it sets them up for failure in the social world. The new generations of Americans are mostly viewed as lazy and obese. The positive correlation between the two seems to start at a very young age. Technology has made most common chores ten fold easier that indirectly promotes an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle.
Children prefer to sit down for hours on end on their iPads or video games instead of being active in any way. Parents don't see the issue because they choose to avoid the burden of having to raise the kid. Learning that at such a young age makes it a comfort zone that they might not wanna get out of in the latter years. The small amount of transaction time between video games