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Dear Mr. Radek and Mrs. Frieri, I look forward to coming to this class each day because it allows me to connect with peers that share a similar difference; possessing some sort of unique way of thinking and processing. All throughout elementary school and junior high, I have been categorized as a “nerd”, someone to go to for help regarding homework or any other academic aspect of school. This labeling has put me in a position where I regard myself as an intellectual student, someone others look up to, especially in elementary school, where the “smart kids” were identified and isolated fairly quickly into their own private group. At my elementary school, I was placed into the nathan program, along with various accelerated math and writing courses, along with various peers that had also been labeled as a “nerd”. After entering junior high, the bridge between myself and others who share a deeper insight than most and the rest of the student body both expanded and shortened. At one end, I met numerous other individuals from different schools who also shared a unique way of thinking; on the other I also encountered many other people who looked up to me. This trend only increased exponentially upon encountering high school, as I chanced upon much larger versions of the two important sects in my life; the “smart” kids and the others. All my life, I had been looked up to by my peers and been placed in accelerated and/or “nathan” classes where I accomplished much and helped many people. Entering hfghsfhsf every day, however, is a completely different experience because I encounter a substantially more diverse group than ever seeing before, a group filled with individuals all united by the common trait of seeing things differently, in a more specialized and critical manner. Interacting and discussing topics of mutual interest with my peers during fifth period help me to have a relaxing point during the day, away from the various questions from other students in my other classes, even classes on an accelerated level. The “uniqueness” of gafgfag Thgadfgadginking is what, to me, distinguishes it as an important and insightful class that always makes me look forward to coming to the class every day. From a very early age, I have been told and recognized myself that I am intelligent and have a way of analytical thinking that is invaluable to me. My previous school